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Bond No. 9

Bond No. 9 New York Wall Street

$440.00 USD

  • A unisex scent with strong masculine orientation.
  • The world's first securities parfum: Dollars and scents never smelled so good. A cool, zesty, spicy androgynous career scent, laden with a portfolio of brisk citrus, marine, and herbal notes.
    Notes: Sea kale, Cucumber, Lavender, Ambergris and Vetiver
  • Wall Street, the first financial fragrance, invests in the brisk energy and bravura of New York's teeming financial district. With top notes of sea kale and cucumber mingling freshly with a heart of ozone, a hint of leather and marine aroma, finished with base notes of vetiver and ambergris, Wall Street is at once both enticing and soothing.
  • Signature bottle with gold token accents.
  • Made in the USA.